04 September 2011


Liza Sylvestre (born in 1983) is an American artist with a sense of details and patterns, stillness and movement. She explores the qualities of what appear to be natural forms – half mundane, half surreal – with closeness and sensitivity, and with an eye searching for something original and underived. Created with thin, almost fragile lines and strokes, that are both elegant and distinct, her work appears to be a minute probe of an ancient world, where old stones can be turned again, revealing new discoveries; and in which all of life’s small reoccurring moments may be shaped, processed and revived in unexpected variations. In that place, where the searching eye meets the familiar, a complexity and richness of detail comes forth, and something else, an underlying structure or order, may be glimpsed and imagined.

Here she will show some of her work, ink drawings and watercolor paintings, under the title Almacantar (a term from the field of astronomy).

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